2 Cold Scorpio Pro Wrestling NOAH - Scorpio
2 Cold Scorpio Dance Kool & The Gang - Jungle Boogie
Abdullah The Butcher Pink Floyd - One Of These Days
Abyss Dale Oliver - Down In The Catacombs
Ace Steel 1st Pantera - I'll Cast a Shadow
Ace Steel 2nd The Blues Brothers - I Can't Turn You Loose
Ace Steel & Colt Cabana Anthrax & Public Enemy - Bring The Noise
Adam Jacobs
Adam Pearce 1st Lynyrd Skynyrd - Freebird
Adam Pearce 2nd Credence Clearwater Revival - Run Through The Jungle
AJ Styles 1st Vast - Touched
AJ Styles 2nd Metallica - Wherever I May Roam
AJ Styles 3rd Sevendust - Praise
AJ Styles 4th AC/DC - It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock N' Roll)
AJ Styles 5th Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra - Also Sprach Zarathustra
AJ Styles 6th Dale Oliver - I Am (Remix)
Alex Arion Disturbed - Voices
Alex Law & Ricky Landell Dream Theater - Metropolis (Edit)
Alex Shelley 1st Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - What Ever Happened to My Rock and Roll? (punk song)
Alex Shelley 2nd Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Six Barrel Shotgun
Alex Shelley 3rd Kanye West - Diamonds Are Forever (Instrumental)
Alexis Laree 1st Kottonmouth Kings - Day Dreamin Fazes
Alexis Laree 2nd The White Stripes - 7 Nation Army
Allison Danger 1st Fuel - Ozone
Allison Danger 2nd One Inch Punch - Pretty Piece Of Flesh
Allison Danger 3rd AtoZ - Allison Danger
Alter Boy Luke H2O - Like A Prayer
Amazing Red 1st Spineshank - Detached
Amazing Red 2nd X-Ecutioners f. Linkin Park - It's Going Down
Amazing Red 3rd Cypress Hill - Rock Superstar
Amazing Red 4th X-Ecutioners f. MOP - Let It Bang
Amazing Red 5th Dragon Ball Z - Perfect Cell Theme Techno Mix
Andy Anderson
Antonio Banks Ludacris - Move Bitch (Clean Version)
Antonio Blanca Harry Gregson - Final Boss Theme (Metal Gear Solid 3)
April Hunter Ludacris - Move Bitch (Clean Version)
Arik Cannon Sex Pistols - Anarchy In The UK
Austin Aries 1st Rage Against The Machine - Born Of A Broken Man
Austin Aries 2nd Marilyn Manson - Personal Jesus
Austin Aries 3rd Black Label Society - Fire It Up
Azrieal 1st Linkin Park - Faint
Azrieal 2nd Prodigy - Spitfire
Azrieal 3rd Breathing - Yellowcard
B-Boy Easy E - Real MotherPhukin G's
Backseat Boys 1st Disturbed - Prayer
Backseat Boys 2nd Georgio Moroder - The Chase
Ballz Mahoney Slayer - Diciple
Benny Blanco Paffendorf - Be Cool
Billy Ken Kid Osaka Pro - Brillante
Bio-Hazard 1st Marilyn Manson - Seizure Of Power
Bio-Hazard 2nd Deftones - Can't Even Breathe
BJ Whitmer 1st Audioslave - Chocise
BJ Whitmer 2nd Kill Switch Engage - Self Revolution
BJ Whitmer 3rd Stone Temple Pilots - Down
BJ Whitmer 4th Velvet Revolver - Slither
Boogie Knights Joe Espizito- You're The Best Around
Brad Bradley Dope - Debonaire
Brian Gamble New Order - Confussion
Briscoe Brothers 1st Nas - The Cross
Briscoe Brothers 2nd Lynard Skynard - Gimme Back My Bullets
Bryan Danielson 1st The Offspring - Self Esteem
Bryan Danielson 2nd Down - Lysergik Funeral Procession
Bryan Danielson 3rd The Offspring - Self Esteem (America Intro)
Bryan Danielson 4th Alkohol - Dragon Empire (America Intro)
Bryan Danielson 5th Europe - The Final Countdown
Caprice Coleman Deitrick Haddon - Chain Breaker
Carnage Crew 1st Soilent Green - Sewn Mouth Secrets
Carnage Crew 2nd Crowbar - High Rate Extinction
Carnage Crew 3rd Boner - King Of The Streets (Carnage Rules Mix)
Chad & Dino Supernova - Chewbaca
Chad Collyer 1st Cake - The Distance
Chad Collyer 2nd Sevendust - Praise
Chad Collyer 3rd Powerman 5000 - Supernove Goes Pop
Chad Collyer 4th Nazareth - Hair Of The Dog
Chance Beckett Lit - My Own Worst Enemy
Chet Jablonski Queen - We Will Rock You
Chris Marvel Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train
Chris Sabin 1st Slayer - Disciple
Chris Sabin 2nd 311 - Flowing
Christopher Daniels 1st Marilyn Manson - Disposable Teens
Christopher Daniels 2nd Marilyn Manson - Disposable Teen (Depesche Mode Intro)
Christopher Street Connection 1st Village People - In The Navy
Christopher Street Connection 2nd Village People - YMCA
Christopher Street Connection 3rd The Weather Girls - It’s Raining Men
CIMA Dragon Gate - Me Gusta Cola
Cindy Rogers Hole - Celebrity Skin
Claudio Castagnoli 1st Jermaine Dupri - Ive Got To Have It Instrumental (John Williams Olympic Intro)
Claudio Castagnoli 2nd Jermaine Dupri - Ive Got To Have It Instrumental (We Will Rock You Intro)
CM Punk 1st Hatebreed - A Call For Blood
CM Punk 2nd AFI - Miseria Cantare (The Beginning)
CM Punk 3rd Living Colour - Cult Of Personality (Bang Bang Intro)
CM Punk 4th The Bouncing Souls - Night Train
Cody Hawk P.O.D. - Southtown
Colt Cabana 1st Presence - Calling Out
Colt Cabana 2nd Barry Manilow - Copa Cabana
Colt Cabana 3rd Barry Manilow - Copa Cabana (Disco Remix)
Colt Cabana 4th Rick James - Superfreak
Colt Cabana 5th Barry Manilow & Kidd Russell - Copa Cabana (Remix)
Curry Man Rage Against The Machine - Guerrilla Radio
CW Anderson LL Cool J - Deepest Bluest
Da Hit Squad Modtrom Productions - Pump Pump Remix
Daizee Haze Long Beach Dub Allstars - Sensi
Dan Maff 1st Modtrom Productions - What You Gonna Do
Dan Maff 2nd Nas - Theif's Theme (Pump Pump Remix)
Dan Maff 3rd Nas - Theifs Theme (Hammer Time Mix)
Danny Daniels The Union Underground - Turn Me On Mr. Deadman
Danny Doring Suicidal Tendencies - Tap Into My Power
Davey Andrews Hatebreed - Live For This
David Young Black Label Society - Bleed for Me
Delirious Dimmu Borgir - Hybrid Stigmata (The Apostasy)
Dempsey Brothers 1st Burn It Down - Paint It Black
Dempsey Brothers 2nd Bon Jovi - Bad Medicine
Derek Dempsey Evergreen Terrace - Mad World
Derek Wylde The Offspring - Origional Prankster
Devine Storm & Brian XL Limp Bizkit - Nookie
Devine Storm Static-X - Cold
Devon Moore 3 Days Grace - Just Like You
Devon Moore & Drew Blood Puff Daddy - Nororious (Instrumental)
Dick Togo & Ikuto Hidaka Cypress Hill - Insane In The Membrane
Dirty Rotten Scroundrelz Snoop Dogg & C-Murder - Down 4 My N's
Dixie The Number 12 Looks Like You - My Sharona
Don Juan Depeche Mode - It’s No Good
Donovan Morgan 1st Dimestore Hoods - Blood In My Eyes
Donovan Morgan 2nd Dream Theater - Metropolis
Doug Williams 1st FWA - Anarchy In The U.K.
Doug Williams 2nd Blur - Song 2
Dragon Soldier B Type O-Negative - Blood And Fire
Dunn & Marcos 1st Poison - Unskinnybop
Dunn & Marcos 2nd Twisted Sister - Were Not Gonna Take It
Dunn & Marcos 3rd Poison - Nothing But A Good Time
Dusty Rhodes Willie Nelson - Midnight Rider
EC Negro Snoop Dogg & C-Murder - Down 4 My N's (Jesus Christ Superstar Intro)
Ebessan Osaka Pro - Ebessan
Ebetaroh The Comadoors - Brick House
Eddy Guerrero Santana & Rob Thomas - Smooth
EL Generico Bouncing Souls - OLE!
Eric Matlock Nekromantix - Backstage Pass To Hell
Evan Starsmore Alice Cooper - Schools Out
Excalibur Motley Crew - Kick Start My Heart
EZ Money Jackyl - Down On Me
Fast Eddie 1st Adema - Immortal
Fast Eddie 2nd Clawfinger - The Biggest And The Best
Fast Eddie 3rd Korn - Blind
Fast Eddie 4th Jadakiss - Kiss Of Death (Instrumental)
Fast Eddie & Don Juan 1st Union Underground - South Texas Deathride
Fast Eddie & Don Juan 2nd Primer 55 - Loose
Frankie Kazarian Joe Espizito- You're The Best Around
Generation Next 1st The Melvins - Interstellar Overdrive
Generation Next 2nd Nine Inch Nails - Complication
Ghost Shadow Kool Keith - Rockets On The Battlefield
Great Kazushi Yoshida Brothers - Moden
Heartbreak Express Warrent - Cherry Pie
Homicide 1st Slipknot - People = ****
Homicide 2nd Hatebreed - I Will Be Heard
Homicide 3rd Beanie Siegel - The Truth
Homicide 4th 50 Cent - You’re Not Ready
Homicide 5th Eminem - Run Rabbit Run
Homicide 6th Beanie Siegel - The Truth (Iron Side Mix)
Hotstuff Hernandez 1st DMX - Ruff Ryders Anthem
Hotstuff Hernandez 2nd Bone Crusher - Never Scared
Iceberg Slayer - Angel Of Death
Infamous Talent Rage Against The Machine - Voice Of The Voiceless
Insane Clown Posse ICP - The Show Must Go On
Jack Evans 1st Eminem - Bully
Jack Evans 2nd Eminem - Mosh
Jack Evans 3rd Papoose - You Aint Nice
Jack Evans 4th Papoose - Born To Win
James Gibson Hank Williams Jr - A Country Boy Can Survive
James Maritato 1st Dimestore Hoods - Blood In My Eyes
James Maritato 2nd Disturbed - Welcome Burden
Jared Steele Saliva - Superstar
Jarrell Clark Curtis Swindle - Mr. 630
Jason Blade Refused - New Noise
Jason Cross Linkin Park - Figure .09
Jay Briscoe Full Devil Jacket - Green Iron Fist
Jay Fury Ludacris - Number 1 Spot (Clean Version)
Jay Lethal 1st Papa Roach - Time & Time Again
Jay Lethal 2nd Static X - This Is Not
Jay Lethal 3rd Static X - Push It
Jay Lethal 4th Rob Zombie - P*ssy Liquor (Clean Version)
Jeff Hardy Marilyn Manson - Tourniquet
Jeff Starr & Shockwave Poison - Rock Star
Jeremy Lopez Creed - Unforgiven
Jerry Lynn Fear Factory - Scapegoat
Jim Cornette Georgio Moroder - The Chase
Jimmy Jacobs Stan Bush - The Touch (Huss Intro)
Jimmy Jact Cash Bone Crusher - Never Scared
Jimmy Rave 1st Lunatic Calm - Leave You Far Behind (Instramental Mix)
Jimmy Rave 2nd Crook Bandoh - The Promise
Jimmy Rave 3rd Miklós Rózsa - Parade Of Charioteers (From Ben Hur)
Jimmy Yang Dwight David - The Last Dragon
Jody Fleisch Rage Against The Machine - Renegades Of Funk
Joey Matthews Lynard Skynard - Call Me The Breeze
John Hope
John McChesney Ice Cube - Friday (Clean Version)
John Walters 1st Alice In Chains - It Aint Like That
John Walters 2nd Salif Kaita (Mali) - Sina (Soumbouya)
John Walters 3rd Sizzla - Solid As A Rock
Johnny Storm Five - Lets Dance
Jose Perez DMX - Right/Wrong
Josh Daniels Godsmack - Dead And Broken
Josh Masters KMFDM - Megalomaniacs
JT Stahr Outkast - Bombs Over Baghdad
Julius Smokes J-Train - Trauma Squad
Jushin Thunder Lyger New Japan Pro Wrestling - Ikari No Jyushin Lyger
Justin Credible Prong - Snap Your Finger, Snap Your Neck
Kahagas Slipknot - Three Nill
Kaz Hayashi All Japan Pro Wrestling - Kaz Hayashi
KENTA Pro-Wrestling NOAH - KENTA
Kenta Kobashi Pro-Wrestling NOAH - Blazin'
Kevin Steen Drowning Pool - Tear Away (Edit)
Kid Mikaze & Jason Blade 1st X-Ecutioners - It's Going Down
Kid Mikaze & Jason Blade 2nd Canibus - 2000 B.C. (Instrumental)
Kikutaro Steppenwolf - Born To Be Wild
Konnan Lil Jon - I Don’t Give a ****
Krazy K LL Cool J - Crazy Girl (RATM Mix)
Lacey's Angels 1st Apollo Four Forty - Charles Angels 2000
Lacey's Angels 2nd Yeah Yeah Yeah's - Date With The Night
Low Ki 1st The Immortals - Fighters Passion
Low Ki 2nd Tupac feat. 50 Cent - The Realest Killas
Luis Ortiz Linkin Park - One Step Closer
Masada Skinless - The Optimist
Masato Tanaka & Shinjiro Ohtani FMW - DanGan
Matt Hardy Monster Magnet - Live For The Moment
Matt Lachey N’Sync - Space Cowboy
Matt Striker Van Halen - Hot For Teacher
Matt Stryker 1st Megadeth - Symphony Of Destruction (Remix)
Matt Stryker 2nd Crushpile - Nutlob
Matt Stryker 3rd Unsane - Body Bomb
Matt Sydal 1st Alkaline Trio - Clavicle
Matt Sydal 2nd The Shins - My 7th Rib
Matt Turner In Flames - Cloud Connected
Maverick Wild
Michael Shane 1st Powerman 5000 - Ultra Mega
Michael Shane 2nd Sugar Ray - Caboose
Michael Shane 3rd 50 Cent - P.I.M.P.
Michael Shane & OZ Disturbed - Down With the Sickness
Mick Foley Steppenwolf - Born To Be Wild
Mikey Whipwreck 1st
Mikey Whipwreck 2nd Beck - Loser
Milano Collection AT Dragon Gate - Milano Fever
Mitch Franklin Led Zeppellin - Kashmir
Naomichi Marufuji Pro-Wrestling NOAH - Marufuji
Natural Born Sinners Slipknot - People = ****
New And Improved Carnage Crew Soilent Green - Sewn Mouth Secrets
New Black Tiger KMFDM - Juke-Joint Jezebel
New Japan Tournament Yoshida Brothers - Blooming
Nick Gage Harry Slash - Perplexion
Nigel McGuinness 1st The Clash - I Fought The Law
Nigel McGuinness 2nd The Living End - Roll On
Nigel McGuinness 3rd Oasis - ****ing In The Bushes
Nosawa Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby
Outcast Killaz Group Therapy - East Coast West Coast Killas
Paul E. Normous Down - Ghosts Along the Mississippi
Paul London 1st Union Underground - South Texas Deathride
Paul London 2nd E.S. Posthumus - Pompeii
Paul London 3rd Tomoyasu Hotei - Battle Without Honor Or Humanity
Pelle Primeau 1st The Deftones - Headup
Pelle Pirmeau 2nd Lars Frederiksen - Army Of Zombies
Persephonie Snoop Dogg - Beautiful
Petey Williams Rage Against The Machine - Calm Like A Bomb
Prince Nana Lil Kim - Drugs (Instrumental)
Puma 1st Evanesance - Going Under
Puma 2nd Sum 41 - No Reason
Puma 3rd Bandoh Group - Puma
Puma 4th Sum 41 - No Reason (New Japan Intro)
Purists Sicilians/Angelo Venuto - Theme From The Godfather
Rainman Dialated Peoples - Panic
Raven 1st Nine Inch Nails - Sin
Raven 2nd Offspring - Come Out And Play
Ray Gordy Saliva - Superstar
Ricky Morton Bob Segar - Old Time Rock & Roll
Ricky Reyes Rage Against The Machine - Bulls On Parade
Ricky Steamboat Sirius - Alan Parsons Project
Rockin Rebel 1st Audioslave - Chochise
Rockin Rebel 2nd Godsmack - Keep Away
Rocky Romero 1st Wyclef Jean - Guantanamara
Rocky Romero 2nd Elvis Crespo - Suavemente
Roderick Strong 1st Pantera - 5 Minutes Alone
Roderick Strong 2nd Korn - Did My Time
Roderick Strong 3rd Misery Signals - A Victim, A Target
Roderick Strong 4th Misery Signals - A Victim, A Target (Boondock Saints Intro)
ROH Theme Music 1st
ROH Theme Music 2nd Voodoo & Serano - Blood Is Pumping (Pumpin Club Mix)
ROH Theme Music 3rd Voodoo & Serano - Blood Is Pumping
ROH Theme Music 4th Black Sabbath - Supernaut
ROH Theme Music 5th Pantera - Mouth For War
ROH Theme Music 6th AC/DC - Back In Black
ROH Theme Music 7th Rage Against The Machine - Renegades Of Funk
ROH Theme Music 8th Slayer - Raining Blood
ROH Theme Music 9th Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains The Same
ROH Theme Music 10th Lynyrd Skynyrd - Saturday Night Special
ROH Theme Music 11th Kiss - Detroit Rock City
ROH Theme Music 12th James Johnston - I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal
ROH Theme Music 13th Pearl Jam - Animal
ROH Theme Music 14th Jethro Tull - Hymn 43
Rudy Boy Gonzales Grinspoon - Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck
Rukkus 50 Cent - What Up Gangsta?
Sal Rinauro Saved By The Bell - Go For It
Samoa Joe 1st Faith No More - Another Body Murdered
Samoa Joe 2nd Jadakiss - The Champ Is Here
Samoa Joe 3rd LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock you Out
Sarah Stock
SAT 1st Cypress Hill - Rock Superstar
SAT 2nd Eminem - Run Rabbit Run
SAT 3rd X-Ecutioners - Let It Bang
SAT 4th DJ Toxic & Burn Unit - SAT Megamix
Satoshi Kojima All Japan Pro Wrestling - Rush
Scoot Andrews DJ Infiniti & Magic Mike - 2001
Scott Cardinal Rob Zombie - More Human Than Human Remix
Shane Douglas Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers
Shane Hagadorn 1st Nine Inch Nails - Wish (Clean Version)
Shane Hagadorn 2nd Alice In Chains - Hate To Feel (Clean Version)
Shawn Diavari RA - Do You Call My Name
Shingo Takagi Dragon Gate - Legend Falconry
Simply Luscious Smashing Pumpkins - Cherub Rock
Slash Venom & Chicano IWA Puerto Rico - Slash Venom Theme
Slim J 530 - Dropping The Bombs
Slyck Wagner Brown DMX - What’s My Name (Clean Version)
Smash Bradley E-Town Concrete - Pariah
Solution 1st Rage Against The Machine - Renegades
Solution 2nd Rage Against The Machine - Bulls On Parade
Sonjay Dutt Truth Hurts - Addictive (Remix)
Sonny Siaki Special Delivery - G Dep
Spanky 1st Christina Aguilera - Genie in a Bottle
Spanky 2nd Jurassic 5 - Quality Control
Spanky 3rd Electric Six - Danger! High Voltage
Special K 1st Louie Devito - The Final Chapter
Special K 2nd Dariush - Ira
Special K 3rd Grenada - Superstar (DJ Issac Mix)
Special K 4th DJ Flashrider - Attenzione (Jens O. Remix)
Special K 5th Jonah - Shhh... Listen, Be Quiet
Special K 6th Zenith & Dana - Victims of Hardstyle (Greco Di Tufo Mix)
Special K 7th SKAM - Final Countdown
Special K 8th DERB - This Is Derb
Special K 9th The Coach & The Player - Chemical Sangria
Special K 10th Brainstar - Tinitus
Special K 11th DJ Quicksilver - Techno Spaz
Special K Rave Mastervoice L.I.M.P. - Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye
Sterling Keenan Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards - Mainlining Murder
Steve Corino 1st Scooter - Fire
Steve Corino 2nd Apotheosis - O Fortuna (Techno Remix)
Steve Madison Blood For Blood - Ace Of Spades
Sumie Sakai Dance Dance Revolution - Butterfly (Upswing Mix)
Super Dragon Faith No More - Epic
Super Hentei Lizzy Borden - We Only Come Out At Night
Superstar Steve Jackyl - Down On Me
Takao Omori Powerman 5000 - Let The Good Times Roll
Teddy Hart Eminem - When The Music Stops
Texas Wrestling Academy The Union Underground - South Texas Deathride
The Great Muta All Japan Pro Wrestling - Praise Bloom
The Masked Superstar Full Blown Zero - New Life Experiences
TJ Dalton Papa Roach - Dead Cell
TJ Wilson 2Pac - Until The End Of Time
Todd Sexton Faith No More - Midlife Crisis
Tom Carter
Tommy Dreamer Alice In Chains - Man In The Box
Tomoaki Honma & Kazushi Miyamoto Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal
Tony Kozina Megadeath - Angry Again
Tony Mamaluke 1st Bee Gees - Staying Alive
Tony Mamaluke 2nd N-Trance - Staying Alive (Remix)
Tony Mamaluke 3rd Sicilians/Angelo Venuto - Theme From The Godfather (Saga Mix)
Tony Mamaluke 4th The Rocky Orchestra - Gonna Fly Now
Towel Boy Rammstein - Du Hast
Tracy Brooks Jay Z - 99 Problems
Trent Acid 1st 50 Cent -What Up Gangsta?
Trent Acid 2nd Georgio Moroder - The Chase
Trent Acid 3rd Method Man - Bring The Pain
Trent Acid 4th Young Buck - I'm A Soldier (Clean Edit)
Vordell Walker 1st Lil Flip - Game Over (Clean Version)
Vordell Walker 2nd T.I. - ASAP
Xavier 1st Dope Smugglaz - The Word (PMT Remix)
Xavier 2nd Team Sleep - The Passportal
Xavier 3rd Paul Okenfold - Dread Rock
York & Matthews 1st Chemlab - Electric Molecular
York & Matthews 2nd Kottonmouth Kings - Day Dreamin Fazes